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TV Advertising Agency Television Advertising throughout the UK and Europe

It is no secret that television advertising can be expensive. Cost is one of the factors that keep people away from using television advertising. However, there are many reasons that make advertising on TV a good choice over other advertising media. TV advertising reaches a wide audience that is able to hear an advertising message along with the visuals. The impact is phenomenal.


TV advertising works by visually showing the item or service and then reinforcing that message with an audio message. Most media can't provide both. Making this, by far, the best medium for getting your message out there.

Even if you are not looking at the screen, you will still hear the tv advertising commercial. For advertising done in a clever way, the message will still get from the screen to your audience, even if the audience cannot hear the words.


Each advertising media has its own demographics. Newspapers serve the more affluent and educated population, and other media have similar specific demographic reach. TV advertising transcends all of them, with 98 percent of all UK households who enjoy watching the TV!


TV advertising in a small, local market is often a very cost-effective method of getting an advertising message out when compared with other local media. Flexibility allows even local companies to get involved, without breaking the bank! Besides the cost to run the ad on a particular television station, there are other costs to consider before choosing this medium. There is...

  • The cost of production.
  • The frequency the ad will run.
  • What times of day the ad will run.

All of these need to be taken into consideration before selecting television advertising as your advertising medium of choice. It is important to always think about your potential market when utilizing television advertising. The goal of any television advertisement should be to reach your target customers. Using stations that cater specifically to your target market, running ads on these stations will be quite advantageous.

The length of your advert will depend on how much information you decide to have in your advert. The cost will depend on the time of day you advertise. Unlike other advertising medium, the cost of television advertising is calculated by using the number of viewers.

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